Employer: Approving a Cyclescheme request

Best practice for approving Cyclescheme requests

Summer is the perfect time for your employees to get in the saddle! That’s why during the summer months you may be seeing more Cyclescheme requests than usual.

Don’t forget, for every Cyclescheme request you receive – there are a number of checks you need to make when reviewing.

Are the employee's personal details correct?

Does the name, email address, home address and payroll number match an employee in your business?

✋  Helping hand

If your employee has used a personal email address, we recommend reaching out to them via their business email and confirming their request.

How does the requested value impact their salary?

The Cyclescheme value requested must not take your employee below National Living or Minimum Wage thresholds. To understand more about who is eligible to participate click here.

Approval checklist:

Are the employee's personal details correct?

If a personal email address has been used, have you contacted the employee to confirm they made the application?

How does the requested value impact their salary, will they stay on or above National Living or Minimum Wage thresholds?

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