What is Cyclescheme's 'any bike guarantee'?

Cyclescheme proudly works with over 2,000 retailers across the UK - our extensive network and trade relationships mean that we can help employees source the bike of their dreams at a snippet of it’s usual RRP.

We guarantee that if your new bike of choice is available in a UK retailer - we will get it for you.

We can do this because:
  • Cyclescheme can access bikes and accessories from all UK based cycle retailers including all major online cycle retailers
  • We have a dedicated sourcing team - employees tell us what you want, we find it - think of us as a ‘Bike Butler’
  • We are the cycle to work provider of ‘choice’ - we are not a retailer focused on shifting our stock or promoting proprietary brands
  • Because of our retailer and brand relationships, if there is stock availability, we will find it

Options to explore:

  • Independents: Cyclescheme work with almost every independent bike seller in the UK - if you like one we don't work with, contact us.
  • Chain stores: Cyclescheme work with large cycling specialist chain in the UK 
  • Online shops: Cyclescheme works with the largest online bike retailers in the UK (and the world) - we've even integrated with many of them for a seamless checkout.
  • Click and collect: Cyclescheme works with many top stores and brands that offer click and collect solutions (order online but enjoy an in-store build and local collection).
  • Brand direct: Cyclescheme is integrating with more and more brands meaning you can shop brand direct should you wish.

If you need help sourcing a specific bike, please email us and let us know:

  • The brand and model you're looking for
  • Where you’ve looked for it so far and if you’ve had any store feedback
  • The name of your employer
  • Where you live

We’ll then activate our sourcing team and get to work sourcing your desired bike.

Find out more about the Cyclescheme Any Bike Guarantee or use the Bike Finder.

For a personalised savings figure that includes ownership fees, visit our calculator and enter your details. 

You can search to see if your workplace is signed up using the search box on Cyclescheme's homepage.

If you want support sourcing your perfect bike, head over to www.cyclescheme.co.uk/any-bike.

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