Employer: How do employers manage the ownership (End of Hire) options?

Great news, employers need to do nothing whatsoever.

Cyclescheme's employer Agreement (the contract we have with you) includes a provision for Cyclescheme to take on the ownership of all the bikes and cycling equipment your organisation processes on the scheme. This makes us accountable for the disposal of the equipment and enables us to manage the process on your behalf. 

Cyclescheme manages the ownership process in strict compliance with the Government's guidance. 

Employer benefits:

  • No admin required 
  • No accountability for legitimate disposal 
  • No need to field queries or questions 

Employee benefits:

  • Can switch jobs without penalisation or additional costs (during the Own it Later period)
  • Absolute clarity on ownership and timescales
  • Able to reapply during Own it Later period 

Helping hand ‚úč

To find out more about the ownership options read the employee answer 'What is an ownership fee?'.

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