Employer: How do I change the administrator on my Cyclescheme account?

There are a few ways you can manage your Cyclescheme account administrators. 

1. Within MySchemes...

Employers can add, remove and generally manage administrator users within MySchemes. 

Step 1:

Login to MySchemes (assuming you or a colleague can - if this is not the case, please go to 'Admin reset').

Step 2:

Head to the 'MySchemes' tab and then select 'Manage admins'.

Step 3:

Click 'Add new admin'. This will take you to a screen where you can add the details of the new account administrator. 

Step 4:

Complete the form and click 'Add'. 

Step 5:

The new admin will receive an email confirming what's happened, prompting them to set up a new password and activate the new account.  

Step 6: 

The new admin simply needs to set the password and then they will be able to access the platform. Sometimes new admins need to use the 'Forgotten your password?' function to prompt the new password request to come through. 

2. Admin reset...

If your previous administrator left the business without setting up a new admin to takeover then you can request to have a new administrator added to the system. 

Simply, go to our 'Change of Administer Request form' and submit the new details.

Alternatively, you can contact us with the details of the change via phone or email.

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