Employer: How to send an email to your staff to promote the cycle to work scheme

When it's time to promote your scheme, the trusty email is a quick and simple solution.

Your MySchemes account has a tool to make emailing your colleagues effortless, simply log in and head to Cyclescheme > Marketing > Participant welcome email.

The tool enables you to send all your staff a fantastic looking email at the click of a button. 

You can choose to email staff that have used other benefits we provide (as we have their details). This means that at the most basic level you can ensure that the staff who are engaged with your benefits program get to hear about the introduction of your new Cyclescheme benefit.

If you want to make sure your entire workforce are given the info they need to get involved, you can either enter your colleagues' emails addresses separated by a comma or upload a CSV file that includes their details. The CSV file should merely have your colleagues email addresses in the first column of the spreadsheet.

Once, you have taken either of these steps, all you need to do is hit send and an email will be dispatched to your workforce. The email is automatically customised and includes your custom employer code.

Below is an example of the new Cyclescheme welcome email:

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