Employer: Cyclescheme's new bank details

In October 2019, Cyclescheme changed it's bank account details.

As part of our integration into the wider Blackhawk Network business, we moved our bank accounts across to Bank of America. Unfortunately as part of this change you are unable to validate our BACS sort code in a sort code checker ahead of making a payment, this is because Bank of America are an American Bank that uses Lloyds as it's BACS partner in the UK.
We want to reassure you that our bank details are correct, please find them below as well as on all of our invoices. 

Our new bank details are:

  • Bank name:

    Bank of America N.A

  • Sort code:


  • Account number:


  • IBAN number:

    GB25 BOFA 1650 5083 0350 16

For proof of the change, please see the below letters:

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