Employer: Employee Benefits Choice FAQs

Great news, Cyclescheme is now part of the Employee Benefits Choice family of employee benefits products!

What is the Employee Benefits Choice family of products?

The suite of proprietary employee benefits products includes:

  • Cyclescheme
  • Techscheme
  • Discounted Gift Cards via Voucher Store

You can find more information on these benefits products within the employers' section of the Cyclescheme website.

What does Cyclescheme being in this family of products mean?

All Cyclescheme participants now receive an Employee Benefits Choice account. 

This is the only account employees need for all the Employee Benefits Choice products (they are offered by you, their employer). 

This means, for example, that if you offer your employees both Cyclescheme and Techscheme, they can access your personalised sites and MyCyclescheme/MyTechscheme areas from one central place. 

They only need to login once, and because we have a single customer experience they only need to keep their contact details up to date within their Employee Benefits Choice account. 

What are the benefits for my employees?

There are numerous benefits for your workforce, these include:

  • Only needing to remember one login and password for all their Employee Benefits Choice benefits orders
  • A new top-level view that enables employees to see what Employee Benefits Choice products are available to them
  • Being able to access their personalised product websites without needing to search for their employer or remembering their employer code
  • Quick checkout experiences on Employee Benefits Choice product sites as personal details now pre-filled in the application processes
  • Only having to keep one set of personal details up to date across the family of products

Is anything changing within MySchemes (the employer account)?

There are no immediate changes on the MySchemes platform. 

You can continue to login and manage your schemes and invoicing in the usual way. 

If you are a MySchemes administrator that has also availed of a bike then you will have both a MySchemes account and an Employee Benefits Choice account. These will initally have the same passwords but can be managed independently if you wish. 

What does Employee Benefits Choice mean for us as a company?

It simply means that your employees are likely to find our eco-system of products easier to manage and understand.

The change should have no discernable impact on employers.

What products will my employees have access to? 

Your employees will initially have access to Cyclescheme, Techscheme (if you offer it) and Discounted Gift Cards. 

Discounted Gift Cards are offered to all employees as a perk of Employee Benefits Choice. There is no action for the employer to make - discounted gift cards are offered by way of a simple retail transaction initiated by the employee. Savings of up to 10% are on offer; helping employees salaries go further. 

Are there any changes to contracts or supplier details?


Who do employers contact if they have questions?

If you have a specific question about the Employee Benefits Choice account or family of products, please contact enquiries@employeebenefitschoice.com.

If you have a general query about Cyclescheme, please contact us.

You can view the employee answers for Employee Benefits Choice questions in the new Employee Benefits Choice section of the Employee Knowledge Base.

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