What is the Sign & Collect (SaC) process?

The Sign & Collect (SaC) process allows you to review and approve the final details of your  Hire Agreement and receive your Redemption Code.

Not all scheme users will encounter the SaC process at the moment, but it is being used more and more extensively due to its excellent security attributes.

Why do we need SaC?

It's important that the equipment you collect from the retailer is reflected on your Hire Agreement - the SaC process ensures this is the case.

SaC also protects you by reducing the risk of fraudsters using your  Redemption Code should your email account become compromised.

What's the exact process? 

Cyclescheme will email you a link to start the process.

You will then be prompted to complete an SMS security check to authenticate you. The security check also ensures we're allowing you alone to view your  Hire Agreement and access your Redemption Code.

Once you've logged into the SaC process you'll be asked to confirm the retailer you are choosing to redeem with. Depending on your choice, we'll present you with the correct next steps for either an in-store or online checkout.

If you're collecting your goods in-store:

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You can download a conventional  eCertificate from the SaC platform at this point if you would prefer to take printed confirmation of your finalised Cyclescheme request with you to the store.

  • At this point, it's wise to contact the store and check they are ready for you to collect your goods. 
  • When you're in the store and you're ready to leave with your bike and bits, the retailer will ask you for your Certificate Number and Redemption Code. Now is the time to share these 👍. 
  • The retailer will use these details to validate the redemption. They will then enter the exact details of the goods you are getting into our system.
  • We'll then SMS (text-message) you a link to your fully populated Hire Agreement. You'll need to review this and agree to its terms via checkbox in order to proceed. Your Hire Agreement will also be accessible via the “Start Sign & Collect Process” link sent to you via email previously. 
  • Once your Hire Agreement is signed, the retailer will be instantly alerted and will allow you to leave with your goods. Happy cycling! 

If you're ordering your goods online:

  • The SaC process will prompt you to enter the details of the goods you are getting.  

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We find that the easiest way to populate this section is to build your basket on your chosen retailer's website and then merely copy-and-paste the details across.

  • Once you've entered the details of the goods you're obtaining you'll be presented with a fully populated Hire Agreement. You'll need to review this and agree to its terms in order to proceed.
  • Once your Hire Agreement is signed, you'll be presented with your Certificate Number and Redemption Code. You can use these to order your goods. Happy cycling! 

Sign & Collect Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)...

What happens if I don't have a smartphone, my phone is not working, or I fail to get reception?

  • Although SMS is the primary method of communication, we'll also email you a link to your Hire Agreement. However, you will still need to enter the OTP sent via SMS to authenticate yourself. If you have previously already authenticated yourself on your mobile device, you won’t need to do it again. However, if you need to pop out of the store to do this, it's not a problem. 

What happens if I want to change my retailer?

  • Once you've logged into the SaC process you have the chance to edit your retailer. You can change it as much as you like until you're asked to confirm the details, once you've done this, we can only change your retailer if you contact us.

What happens if my bike is not ready to be collected?

  • If your bike is not ready to be collected, then you should not pass the retailer your Certificate Number or Redemption Code. You can start the SaC process and download your eCertificate if you wish, but you should only look to redeem your Certificate or Redemption Code when your bike or goods are ready for collection.

What is the difference between an OTP and a redemption code?

  • An OTP, or One Time Passcode, is a method of authentication that allows us to make sure that we are granting access to the SaC process to the right person. You will only ever receive this code via SMS and it consists of numbers only. 
  • A redemption code, on the other hand, is the unique code consisting of alphanumeric characters that validates your certificate number to the retailer in-store or online. This will be presented on your Certificate once you have successfully progressed to the relevant step in the process: 
  • For online store redemptions, this means you have entered your package details on the SaC process. 
  • For local store redemptions, this means you have selected and confirmed your retailer of choice. 

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Your Redemption Code will be available to you online through the SaC interface at any point until you redeem your certificate. To access it, you must authenticate yourself when navigating to the SaC process and this is when you will be sent an OTP. 

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