Employer: What's the difference between standard cycle to work and City Bike Hire?

Cyclescheme operates two types of cycle to work scheme; the standard scheme and the City Bike Hire scheme. 

Both schemes operate on the same principle, in that the employee has affordable access to a hire bike which they can use for commuting to work. 

The key difference is that the standard scheme enables the employee to design their own commuting package that can contain a bike and/or accessories of their choice. Whereas, the City Bike Hire scheme enables the employee to select a membership package from a partner city bike operator of their choice. 

City bike operators tend to offer memberships that include a set amount of inclusive hire access that the employee can utilise - for example, 30 days use a year or the first 30 minutes of every journey. 

The standard scheme is great for people that have space for a bike at home and that wish to have the perfect bike and accessories package to suit their requirements. City bike hire is ideal for people that simply want to experiment with cycling to work or people that maybe don't have cycle storage at home. 

Standard scheme City Bike Hire scheme
12 months 12 months
26-40% savings* 33-43% savings*
Employee chooses personalised package Employee chooses operator/membership
Employee keeps package at home Employee returns bike after each use (exc. Buzzbike)
2,000 retailers
3 operators, 60+ locations
Ownership option usually 3 or 7% No ownership option

*City Bike Hire savings are higher as we do not highlight the potential cost of ownership; there is never an option to own a City Bike Hire bike.

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