How do I login to MyCyclescheme?

When you request a Certificate you provide us with your email address. This is the primary method in which we contact you, and is also used to create your Employee Benefits Choice account through which you can access your MyCyclescheme area. Once a Certificate request has been entered, you will automatically receive an email inviting you to set a password for your new account.

To login, click 'Sign in' (in the top-right of our website):

This will take you to the Employee Benefits Choice login page where you can enter your email address and password to log in.

Once logged in you will see the Employee Benefits Choice homepage, you'll see the 'Go to Cyclescheme' button. If you click on this you'll be taken to the MyCyclescheme area of the Cyclescheme website.

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If you don't know what your password is, read out answer How do I reset my password?.

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