Employer: How does the process work?

  1. The employer ensures they are set up on with a bike rental scheme (if in doubt contact Cyclescheme)
  2. Communicate the scheme (you can download resources via the marketing tab in your MySchemes account)
  3. Your employees will need to apply via the bike rental page (not the home page)
  4. Notification of applications will be emailed to you in the normal way 
  5. You can review, approve and/or deny requests within the Cyclescheme tab your MySchemes account
  6. Once approved, you'll need to organise funding (in the normal way you would for Cyclescheme)
  7. We'll then email your approved applicants a code that will unlock 1-years membership
  8. Your employees then head to the provider's membership page; sign their Ts and Cs and redeem their code
  9. The employees then get access to their yearly membership and start commuting by rental bike.

Just like the normal cycle to work scheme - it's important that the bikes are used mostly for qualifying journeys.

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