Can I amend the value of my certificate?

If you feel that you've requested the wrong amount and would like to change it, the easiest way to do this is by logging into your BHN Extras account, navigate to My Cyclescheme on your Cyclescheme tile, and use the 'Amend value' feature.

Not all Employers have this enabled, so please review your employer's specific notes on what to do (if your employer doesn't allow this feature, there will be some tailored information for you). 

The 'Amend value' button will cancel your request with your employer and enable you to swiftly reapply (you won't need to re-enter all your details so it's a quick process). You'll need to sign new agreements for the changed value.

Please note 

1. Not all employers offer this feature.

2. Your employer will need to redo their checks and organise funding for your new request. If you do not wish to delay your application at all, you may wish to consider retaining your current Certificate and simply getting a different cycle to work package that matches its current value.

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