How much will I save on the cycle to work scheme?

The amount you will save will depend on your circumstances (specifically your rate of taxation) and the cost of the bike and/or accessories you request. 

The good news is that everybody saves:

Lower rate:

 minimum savings for lower rate taxpayers tend to be  21% to 25%

Higher rate:
 minimum savings for higher rate taxpayers tend to be  35% to 39%*

Did you spot those *asterisks? The asterisk is there because those savings work on the assumption that you have a standard scheme and choose our recommended ownership option known as the 'Own it later' agreement. This option maximises your savings for the least amount of money. We always recommended this option as it protects your savings. However, you can choose the 'Own it now' agreement which will cost you more (for little material benefit) and reduce your savings. Over 95% of participants choose to 'Own it later' and therefore save 21-39% - the choice is yours! 

Helping hand 

Find out what your savings will be by using our calculator.

If you're very price conscious check out the Cyclescheme offers area. Here you can save-on-sale with our specific 'no-quibble' retailers.

Please note 

Saving can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors. Things like how your employer funds their scheme, how much you earn, and what ownership options are available to you can all have an effect on the outcome of your savings. 

For example, some schemes are funded via finance providers (at employers' discretion). This can mean that savings can be reduced by the cost of a finance charge (only a small percentage of schemes are set up in this way and the savings remain meaningful). Likewise, some schemes ownership options are managed by the employer resulting in other non-standard outcomes.

Cyclescheme works hard to only present realistic and attainable savings.    

The good news is that Cyclescheme's advanced saving calculator is set up to give all scheme users a forecast of their savings. All you need to do is personalise the site by entering your employer code and head over to

You can search to see if your workplace is signed up using the search box on Cyclescheme's homepage.

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