Can I participate in the Isle of Man Scheme?

To participate in the Isle of Man (IoM) scheme you be a working adult aged 16 or over and pay income tax and NICs on the Island. Your employer needs to be signed up and your earnings should be more than the Minimum Wage after the salary sacrifice is taken from your gross salary as determined by the Isle of Man Government.

If you are paid on or near Minimum Wage, your employer may be able to offer an alternative means of applying to participate in the scheme and you will still be able to benefit through reduced cost of hire.

If your employer is signed up they will provide you with an ‘employer code’ that you can use on the website to access the Scheme. When using the code you will be presented with the option to join the ‘Isle of Man Scheme’.

If you are not sure how to apply or what the next steps are, there's a bunch of useful information below:

I know my employer code

If you've decided on your dream cycle-to-work package, chosen a retailer and you're ready to roll - it's time to log in and apply. As you know your employer code, please enter it in the employer code box on our homepage then click 'Let's get started'. 


I don't know my employer code

An employer code allows you to apply via your specific employer's scheme. You may not know your employer code for a few reasons...

Employer search tool

You can search for your employer by name on our homepage. If you still cannot find them your best bet is to ask your boss or HR contact or to contact Cyclescheme.


Useful links

You are an employer yourself and wish to sign up! VISIT OUR EMPLOYER AREA
You would like to encourage your employer to sign-up. INVITE YOUR EMPLOYER
You'd like to contact Cyclescheme? CONTACT US
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