What is the cycle to work scheme?

The cycle to work scheme is an employee benefit that enables working adults to save 26-40% (often more) on the cost of a bike and/or cycling accessories. You can calculate your potential savings here.

The savings are generated by employees paying for their bike and/or accessories from their pre-tax salary (i.e. before tax is assessed or deducted). Obtaining the bike in this way reduces employees' taxable income and creates a tax saving. This mechanism for generating tax savings is known as a 'salary sacrifice'.

Tax is complicated, Cyclescheme is not.

You choose a bike, hire it for an agreed length of time, then snap it up for a fraction of its original value. It's like a year-round sale, with interest-free credit available in over 2,000 retailers nationwide.

If you're interested in joining the cycle to work scheme, head over to our homepage and search for your employer. If you can't find them, simply invite them to sign up

You can search Cyclescheme's retailers using Cyclescheme's retailer finder tool.

You can check your forecast savings using Cyclescheme's calculator.

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