How do you redeem your Certificate in-store?

First you will need to start the Sign & Collect process so that you can claim your Certificate, you will have been sent a link to do so via email. 

Helping hand ✋

You can download your Certificate from the Sign and Collect platform at this point if you would prefer to take printed confirmation of your request with you to the store.

  • At this point, it's wise to contact the store and check they are ready for you to collect your goods. 
  • When you're in the store and you're ready to leave with your bike and bits, the retailer will ask you for your Certificate Number and Redemption Code. Now is the time to share these 👍. 
  • The retailer will use these details to validate the redemption. They will then enter the exact details of the goods you are getting into our system.
  • We'll then SMS (text-message) you a link to your fully populated Hire Agreement. You'll need to review this and agree to its terms via checkbox in order to proceed. Your Hire Agreement will also be accessible via the “Start Sign & Collect Process” link sent to you via email previously. 
  • Once your Hire Agreement is signed, the retailer will be instantly alerted and will allow you to leave with your goods. Happy cycling! 
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