What do the statuses in MyCyclescheme mean?

MyCyclescheme displays the current status of your most recent Cyclescheme Certificate. We’ve listed what the different statuses mean below:

1. Requested - You have applied to join the cycle to work scheme and your employer is now going to review your request 

2. Approved - Your employer has reviewed your request and funding is now being arranged

3. Issued - You've been issued an email that will allow you access your eCertificate so you can collect or order your bike

4. Collected - You're picked up your cycle to work package and should now be enjoying your ride to work

5. Ownership - It's time for you to select an ownership option so that you can keep your cycle to work package

6. Completed - Your obligations are fulfilled, you can reapply is you wish

7. Cancelled - This request is no longer valid and is recognised as cancelled

8. Archived - Your information has been obfuscated 

Within MyCyclescheme, the statuses look like this:

Helping hand 

You can learn about other things you can do in MyCyclescheme by reading our answer 'What is MyCyclescheme?'.

Please note 🚨
If you've requested your Cyclescheme Certificate via a Benefits Provider - you may need to log onto your benefits portal or contact your benefits provider for information on the progress of your request. 
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