How do I use my Employee Benefits Choice account?

Your Employee Benefits Choice account is the home of your benefits products provided by Blackhawk Network

Through this single account, you can:

  • Access your benefits (like Cyclescheme and/or Techscheme)
  • Review your recent orders
  • Manage your personal information
  • Jump to your MyCyclescheme account

Access your benefits:

You can browse and find out more about any Employee Benefits Choice benefits products you have access to via your employer.

Please note – this is an example and your benefits may be different.

Review your recent orders:

You can also see all your most recent Employee Benefits Choice product orders in one place. 

Please note – this is an example and your benefits may be different.

Manage your personal information:
You can now edit or update your personal details in one central place. Keeping your Employee Benefits Choice account up to date means your applications for benefits products will always be quick and easy as you won't need to add any personal information during the application process. Plus, you won't need to update multiple accounts if your details change. 

Jump to your MyCyclescheme account:
You can easily navigate to your MyCyclescheme account by clicking on any 'Go to Cyclescheme' button.

If you are in an active Hire Agreement the 'Go to Cyclescheme' button will take to straight to MyCyclescheme

If you are not in an active Hire Agreement, then the 'Go to Cyclescheme' button will take you to the Cyclescheme homepage (personalised for your employer). To find MyCyclescheme you just need to click MyCyclescheme in the top right-hand corner:

Helping hand 

If you are unsure how to log in to your Employee Benefits Choice account, read How do I log in to my Employee Benefits Choice account?.
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