What's the process for the City Bike Hire scheme?

The City Bike Hire scheme works like this:

Your employer will need to be registered with Cyclescheme and have a City Bike Hire scheme activated. Plus, you will need to be eligible to have a salary sacrifice (this basically means you can afford to have a slight salary reduction in return for the benefit the scheme will give you).

✋ Helping hand

You can check if your employer is signed up to Cyclescheme by searching for your organisation's name via the I'M AN EMPLOYEE button on the Cyclescheme homepage. If your employer doesn't pop up then it's best to check with your line manager or HR team. Or, if you know they are not registered with us you can invite them to sign up for free via our invite your employer form.

Now, assuming your employer is registered and you've logged in to the Cyclescheme website you can head to the City Bike Hire page
Here you can learn the scheme basics and be able to use the green APPLY TO CITY BIKE HIRE button should you wish to apply. Having clicked, you'll be presented with a simple form to complete (you may need your payroll number). 
Once completed you'll be emailed a confirmation of your application.
Your employer will now review your request. All being well they will approve it and organise funding (payment). Once this has occurred (which will usually take between 1 and 14 days) Cyclescheme will email you a City Bike Hire redemption code. The redemption code will be a capitalised alphanumeric code that is 8 digits long ( XXXXXXXX).
You enter the redemption code in the 'Promo' section of the Santander Cycles online registration form:
Or, when using the 'HIRE NOW' feature once you've registered on the app ( Apple / Android ):
This will allow you to claim your annual Santander Cycles membership. Once registered you'll be able to enjoy all the perks of annual membership; chief of which is that any journey less than 30 minutes incurs no charge. If it's longer than 30 minutes, you pay £2 for every 30 minutes.

Ready to ride?

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