How do I redeem my certificate with an online retailer?

Cyclescheme is proud to have integrated with dozens of online retailers to ensure you can enjoy a smooth ordering process.

Each retailer has a somewhat unique checkout process, but as a rule of thumb you can expect to follow a customer journey something like this:

  1. Build your basket with the online retailer of your choosing
  2. Select Cyclescheme payment method (this will sit alongside other standard payment methods I.e PayPal)
  3. You will be asked to enter your Certificate Number and then Redemption Code*
  4. At this point, your certificate is linked to your chosen retailer and cannot be redeemed elsewhere
  5. The retailer will send you an order confirmation by email

*Your employer may run 'Sign and Collect' - if this is the case, you'll be prompted to complete a form that details the equipment you're getting prior to your Redemption Code being issued.

Each online retailer should map out their Cyclescheme journey on their website. 

Helping hand ✋

If you don't have your Certificate Number and Redemption Code yet, you may wish to review our How do I get my Certificate answer.

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