What is the 'Sign and Collect' process?

The 'Sign & Collect' process allows you to review and approve the final details of your  Hire Agreement and receive your Redemption Code.

Why do we need 'Sign and Collect'?

It's important that the equipment you collect from the retailer is reflected on your Hire Agreement - the 'Sign and Collect' process ensures this is the case.

It also protects you by reducing the risk of fraudsters using your  Redemption Code should your email account become compromised.

What's the exact process? 

Cyclescheme will email you a link to start the process.

You will then be prompted to complete an SMS security check to authenticate you. The security check also ensures we're allowing you alone to view your  Hire Agreement and access your Redemption Code.

Once you've logged into the 'Sign and Collect' process you'll be asked to confirm the retailer you are choosing to redeem with. Depending on your choice, we'll present you with the correct next steps for either an in-store or online checkout.

Here is an easy 8 point process flowchart to demonstrate the process:

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